It’s Not an Error — It’s Just Business.

If you go to Amazon today to buy a Kindle edition of my book, you won’t be able to.  Initially I thought it was an error, but actually, it’s just business.  From The New York Times: has pulled books from Macmillan, one of the largest publishers in the United States, in a dispute over the pricing on e-books on the site.

The publisher’s books can be purchased only from third parties on

A person in the industry with knowledge of the dispute, which has been brewing for a year, said Amazon was expressing its strong disagreement by temporarily removing Macmillan books. The person did not want to be quoted by name because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Macmillan wants Amazon to sell popular Kindle books for $15 rather than the ubiquitous $9.99.   So now they’re duking it out publically.  It’s sort of like seeing your parents fight right in front of your eyes.

Who doesn’t love cheap?  I know I do.  But there is a cost associated with plummeting prices, which you can read about in Cheap, a fantastic book written by Ellen Ruppel Shell, which you can still buy from Amazon — at least for now.

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