Bridging the Linguistic Divide

The nice folks at Koream Journal have printed a short essay I wrote.  Check it out!

Bridging the Linguistic Divide


For the first 10 years of my life, I lived in South Korea, though I must say, I didn’t feel Korean. Maybe I was too young. Or maybe I had no basis for comparison, since this was the only country I knew. Everything changed in 1981, when I came to America with my family.

More than three decades later, I’ve become more American than Korean. This is as it should be, and really, it can’t be helped.  I don’t think much about my home country anymore because it is no longer my home. There are times when nationalistic pride for the motherland strikes me, like during the Olympics, though if it’s South Korea vs. USA, I just end up feeling guilty. Would it be possible for all soccer matches between these two nations to end in a tie? That’d be perfect. And if Apple and Samsung could become BFFs again, that’d be great, too.


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