Dream: Search Party

Ever have a dream you wish would never end?  That’s what I experienced last night, when I was at some kind of a party with the actors of Search Party.

Search Party, if you didn’t know, is a TV show about to start its fourth season.  I came to it very late, but a few weeks ago I got caught up.  And because of the new season, the show’s been on my mind quite a bit.  It’s one of the funniest shows out there, though as the seasons have gone on, the comedy has had company with a bit of the macabre.  Which sometimes makes it even funnier?  Anyway, I adore it, and I wish more people would see it.

I guess the dream took place at a restaurant, though I’m not really sure.  All I know is that Dory, played by Alia Shawkat, was the one I spoke to first, and we sat down at a table.  I told her how much I loved the show, and she gracefully accepted my praise with total sincerity, so this is more like the first-season Dory.  Then Drew, played by John Reynolds, moped in – and he looked tired and didn’t look like he wanted to talk to anyone.  Then Elliott, played by John Early, sat right down, and every time I tried to say something, he’d talk right over me!  Initially this frustrated me greatly, but then I realized he was just being Elliott and then I was okay.  And now here’s the strange part – Portia, played by Meredith Hagner, was not there and instead it was Anna Chlumsky, looking very much like her intense, brittle Veep character.  Now Portia is my favorite character on Search Party so I just couldn’t quite understand why this was happening – like I knew I was dreaming and wanted Portia there, but no, I couldn’t make her appear.

And then we were all in a different restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, and everyone had a proper dish in front of them except for Drew, who had like a Lean Cuisine-type of meal, except it was way bigger, black and white, and had the insignia of the restaurant, so I guess it was more like a pre-packaged meal that they sold?

I’ll never know, as I woke up then (but not before Drew, hangdog as ever, let out a massive sigh of disappointment).  But wow, it was so nice hanging out with my favorite foursome (even though Portia wasn’t there, she was, in spirit!).

Favorite Songs of 2020

Here’s a list of my top songs for this year, in an order that might be surprisingly mixable. These are not necessarily from 2020; I just happened to have heard them in the last twelve months.

Horses, by Tomo Nakayama on Music from Touchy Feely
August, by Taylor Swift on Folklore
Conversations in the Dark, by John Legend on Bigger Love
Husavik, by My Marianne feat. Will Ferrell on Eurovision Song Contest
Now I’m in It, by Haim on Women in Music Pt. III
That Feeling, by Young London on Laggies
I Hate Everybody, by Halsey on Manic
Scared To Live (SNL Live), by The Weeknd on After Hours (Deluxe)
This Is Everything, by Grouplove on Healer
Delete Forever, by Grimes on Miss Anthropocene

Playing Dead, by Breathe Owl Breathe on Your Sister’s Sister
This Summer, by Loren Allred on This Summer
Bad Decisions, by The Strokes on The New Abnormal
Inner Child, by BTS on Map of the Soul: 7
Retrospect, by Vistas on Everything Changes in the End
Nothing at All, by Perfume Genius on Set My Heart on Fire Immediately
Death Stranding, by Chvrches on Death Stranding
Empress, by Snow Patrol on Wildness
Spring, by Angel Olsen on All Mirrors

We lost an excellent filmmaker this year, Lynn Shelton. Three of the songs featured on this list are from her movies — Touchy Feely (Horses), Laggies (That Feeling), and Your Sister’s Sister (Playing Dead). Touchy Feely is my favorite film of hers, but really, they’re all excellent.

Dream: Friends, Yes, the TV Show

A brightly-lit large waiting room at a hospital.  ROSS enters, rushed and excited.  A DOCTOR is waiting for him.


So doctor, you wouldn’t believe this, but I just met this guy, and he was like the biggest blowhard ever.  And he was eating breaded chicken feet, right there!  Who does that?  And he just kept going with his inane diatribe…

The DOCTOR listens patiently, but the audience can see he’s getting pissed.


…and here’s the thing, his last name was the same as yours, Sauvage.  I mean what are the odds?


That’s because he’s my son.


A dimly-lit area.  People are walking about.


I’m so glad Rachel is in New York City! I wonder what fun she’s having.

Rachel skulks about, not having fun.


So yes, I actually just had a dream that was an episode of Friends.  I was very sorry to wake up.  I got out of bed within a few minutes, but I should’ve arisen immediately, because it all faded away too quickly.  I believe Phoebe was there, too, but now I can’t remember what part she played in the story.  I know Chandler and Joey weren’t there, but Monica definitely had that voiceover.


Last night we watched the first episode of The Undoing, which took place in New York City, and if you’ve seen this, too, you’ll recognize the same-name bit.  And earlier in the day, I remember seeing a photo of a woman wearing a F˖R˖I˖E˖N˖D˖S t-shirt.  But what about breaded chicken feet and Ross’s surgery?  I’m 99% certain Ross was there for some kind of surgery, though I no longer recall what for.  Wait, I did catch up on the latest episode of Warrior, and even though I may not have seen actual breaded chicken feet, there were a couple of scenes where people were eating, so who knows, maybe I did.  And oh, just for the record, it was early season Friends, all the cast members looking quite young.

11/3/2020 12:30PM ET: First Chapter Fun with Hannah & Hank

So something momentous is occurring a week from today, November 3. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Of course you are. That’s the day that Hannah Mary McKinnon and Hank Phillippi Ryan will read from Skin Deep. You can watch it via Facebook Live or Instagram Live. I’ll be watching, too!

And yes, if you haven’t done so yet, VOTE!