What Is Your Favorite Font?


“What Is Your Favorite Font?”

If you were to ask this question to a hundred people, my guess is that you’d get a response that actually names a font.  Times Roman, Comic Sans, Helvetica, Arial, etc.  Chris Hardwick, the host of The Nerdist, posed this question to Bill Gates on his podcast a few days ago.

His answer: TrueType.  Gates then proceeded to describe the technical concept behind TrueType, something about using all three primary components of color (red, green, blue) to produce the best looking (“anti-aliased”) letters.  The TrueType standard was developed by Apple and Microsoft, and my initial reaction was, “Way to dodge the question and pump up your old company, Bill.”

And then I realized something — Gates wasn’t dodging anything.  TrueType really is his favorite font!  After this interview, looks like The Nerdist finally lives up to its name.