Paris, at Night

parinigh735lIn 2007, my wife and I spent our honeymoon in Paris (with a brief stint in London as well).  I’m not much for traveling, but I loved just about everything about Paris: the Seine, the food, the museums, the people.  I didn’t think we’d be going back for years, but as it turned out, in eight days, we’ll be back in the City of Lights, because right now, we’re in Rome (and loving it!).

In any case, ever since I left Paris two years ago, I tried to write a story that took place there.  After two stalled attempts, this one just sort of happened, in almost a single sitting.  Which is always a good thing, because it doesn’t happen often for me.

2 thoughts on “Paris, at Night

  1. Hello Sung.
    Thank you for you helping me.
    According to the forth question, it’s my fault ; I type incorrectly.
    I mean that what happen to Todd when he was sixty years old. I quite don’t understand
    when Gibbons said to Todd in many parts, such as in the last paragaph of the third page; “Once you go past sixty, memories fade at an alarming clip. It’s what happens because the brain can only retain so much. ”

    and at the third paragraph of the sixth page; ” I know the risk is more on your side, but you have to understand, the destinator also faces dangers. Emotional dangers. The disappointment can be so crushing that they often need to seek psychological and spiritual guidance. This client who’ll be installing your memrip, he’s got one therapist and two holistic advisors on permanent payroll. So needless to say, he’s counting on you.”
    Did the client also get memrip? Why the cilent has to count on Todd? He just watched what Todd remember, isn’t he?

    I still have other questions ……….
    Did his wife know Todd has got a memrip?
    And what does it mean “When he glanced at Sue, he saw the way she was favoring her left leg. ” I don’t understand she was favoring her left leg.

    Ok, Sung. I’ll wait for your answers

  2. There’s so many unanswered questions, but i need to see what your answers are for the question just above this comment. I’m writing about this story for my English assignment, and so far I can’t quite put some sentences together because i don’t know the background of it.

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