BookBrowse, Reviews, and Another Kind of Review

Catching up:

1) I’ll be on the front page of BookBrowse for one more day.  So if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s your chance.

2) A review from Asian American Literature Fans:

I spent most of yesterday reading Sung J. Woo’s Everything Asian.  Reading has always been for me, in the end, a source of entertainment and pleasure and such was the case with Woo’s felicitous first novel.

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3) A review from LibrarysCat, a LibraryThing Early Reviewer:

While I do not know David Kim, his sister, parents, or friends, I can certainly feel their pangs of growth in this process of acculturation in Sung J. Woo’s debut novel Everything Asian.

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4) From Fiction Writers Review:

Highlights for fiction writers included a morning talk by Sung Woo (Everything Asian), entitled “Finishing Your First Novel: A Three-Pronged Attack,” which gave writers thoughtful advice on how to sustain the writing process over the course of many years and many more pages.

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