A Pair of Interviews

fictionwritersreviewI was fortunate enough to be interviewed by two excellent publications recently.  The first one is in Fiction Writers Review, conducted by Jeremiah Chamberlin when I was in Ann Arbor for the book festival this past May.   We gabbed for a good hour and had a grand old time about my novel and writing in general.  If you haven’t visited Fiction Writers Review, do so immediately.  The number of wonderful writers who’ve contributed so many sharp analyses about the art of fiction is nothing short of staggering.

thebrowserThe second interview was with The Browser, and this one is a little different.  Anna Blundy asked me to name five books about the Asian American Experience, and although I was initially stumped (five is tough!), I managed to come up with a list that is representative of my very personal view at that specific point in time (i.e., totally, completely subjective).  Regardless, it was a great opportunity to discuss a quintet of very different Asian American works.

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