A Review, A Sale, and Some Readings

A quick roundup of recent happenings:

1) UPI Asia recently reviewed the novel:

While Everything Asian is a story of the immigrant experience in which culture clash plays a strong role, it strays from the typical (adult) view and goes both small and large: small in the sense that protagonist Joon (David) Kim is just twelve and large in that the novel’s second story points towards a bigger picture. Peddlers Town is its own community — shop and restaurant owners coming and going as the Kims work their way towards the American Dream.

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bird-figurine-5502) My Significant Object ended up selling for $52, which is no small potatoes.  In fact, I think I can buy at least a few hundred potatoes for that amount.  My hearty thank you to the story lover and eBayer who purchased the little bird and the little story.

3) I have two readings coming up this weekend, one in Baltimore and one in DC.  If you happen to be in the area, come on by and say hello.

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