From Blurbee to Blurber

From_Wonso_Pond_49dba55b87c1eA few months back, I was approached by the The Feminist Press to check out a book, From Wonso Pond, “A classic revolutionary novel of the 1930s and the first complete work written by a woman before the Korean War to be published in English.”  So after reading it, I emailed them the following:

How refreshing it is to have a good old-fashioned story, told without narrative tricks or artifice.  Kang Kyong-ae’s From Wonso Pond is a powerful novel that charts the struggles of three impassioned characters as they learn to live, work, and love.  The questions she poses and the issues she tackles are as universal as they are enduring.  This essential work should be required reading for anyone interested in Korean culture.

– Sung J. Woo, author of Everything Asian: A Novel

And just like that, I went from being a blurbee to a blurber.  The story is a throwback, and it has the same sort of passion Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle does.

And on the subject of working hard for a living, tomorrow, I’ll be at Chicklet Book’s Author! Author! Book Festival in Princeton, signing books from 1pm to 3pm at the Signing Tent with fellow authors Victoria Adler, Jean Hollander, DeBerry & Grant, Meg Cox, Elizabeth Joy Arnold, and Lara M. Zeises.  The festival is on from 10am until 4pm, so come on by and say hello if you are in the area.

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