The End of Lost

Take the Wrath of Khan
Add a pinch of the Sixth Sense
Lost ends, a whimper.

If only I could get a time-traveling flash now, and if it could deposit me 15 minutes before the end of the finale…and in this alternate reality, I would’ve turned off the TV (and be as smart as Ben Linus and stay the hell out of the Church of Death).

I enjoyed the bulk of it — it was amazing how they could mine the emotional power of the characters recognizing their relationships again and again, though at times, this made it almost feel like a reunion show more than a final episode.  But the showrunners never really figured out a way to reconcile the island timeline vs. alternate timeline, at least not in the way I found satisfying.  A while ago, Cuse and Lindelof were asked point-blank if the island was the afterlife, and they adamantly denied it.  So I guess this is how they get away with that promise: they make the alternate timeline a sort of an afterlife.

The speech by Christian was hokey at best.  Two and a half  hours later, I’m admiring Chase and Co. all over again.

With Lost, it has always been more the journey than the destination, and I have absolutely enjoyed the ride, but man, when the train end up in Armpit, U.S.A., it is a bit of a bummer.

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