Haiku and Review: Prisoners and Seven Psychopaths



Two girls go missing
One dad will stop at nothing
to find a whistle.

I’ve read a couple of reviews for this film, and one thing I find strange is that most critics think that the police officer played by Jake Gyllenhaal is the only one in the precinct with brains. I beg to differ — I think he’s just as incompetent as the rest of the uniforms. He grills Paul Dano’s character for hours on end to no avail, and it takes Hugh Jackman literally 10 seconds to get him to talk? And Jackman also finds the killer before Gyllenhaal does.

And by the way, I feel bad for Dano.  Seems like every movie, he gets the crap beaten out of him (or worse).  It’s like he’s the Jesse Pinkman of the big screen.


Seven Psychopaths

Film about a film
Screenwriting navel-gazing
Also-ran Player.

I had high hopes going into this movie, because I adored In Bruges.  This film had its moments, but it really isn’t very good.  I wished I’d seen The Player again instead.

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