KoreAm Column: Missing What’s Loved and Lost

First-World Problems

I just realized my bi-monthly KoreAm column was actually posted two weeks ago.  It’s about my favorite local restaurant closing down…

Last week, my wife Dawn and I were two streets away from our home in Washington, New Jersey. We were behind several cars, waiting for the light to change, so we did what we always do—looked to our left, to Russo’s Ristorante, the beige building with a faded red canvas awning. On the door was a taped-up sign: “CLOSED FOR FAMILY EMERGENCY.”


I just drove by the old place today and a new restaurant has moved in: Juanito’s.  It’ll be a Mexican joint, and it looks like it’ll be opening soon.  I’m glad the space won’t go to waste, but it’s still kinda sad.

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