Haiku and Review: Gravity


Yes, an astronaut…
In dreams I walked on the moon.
After this, no thanks.

You don’t watch Gravity — you experience it.  Much of this is because of the way it is filmed — every so often, the camera gradually moves away from the usual third-person perspective and into first-person territory.  Our intrepid avatar is Sandra Bullock, playing a scientist trying to fix the Hubble Telescope with George Clooney…until all hell breaks loose.  And when I say “hell” and “breaks loose,” I really mean it.

How wonderful it is to see a film set in space with no aliens or time travel or Sherlock HolmeschannelingMr. Roarke type of nonsense.  Gravity is a movie that must be seen in the theater, in 3D.  It’s an adventure of both mind and body, and it left me supremely satisfied.  I haven’t been this happy after seeing a movie in a long, long time.