6/9: BooksNJ – 2013!


BooksNJ is happening!  Sunday, June 9, from 1pm until 5pm.  I’ll be on at 2:20pm until 3pm, for a panel called:

Writing as a Life Long Career: Reinventing Yourself

I’ll be on it with two other writers, Tracey Baptiste and Marion Calabro.  If you are in the area, please come on by.

[schedule of events]



One thought on “6/9: BooksNJ – 2013!

  1. Being very familiar with Asian culture, I read with interest your column in today’s Charlotte Observer, concerning your Mother/wife’s cooking. Seeing your Mother only every two weeks, I don’t get why this “to do” about taking your Mom’s food. if it was every day, that would be understood, but something that means so much to your Mom, seems the action to take. I do appreciate your writing….

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